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Health & Life

Safeguard your health and financial future.

coupleFew things are more important to you than having the right health insurance for you, your family or employees. But with the maze of coverage choices and the cost of health care plans it helps to have someone with the knowledge and expertise to direct you to affordable medical, dental, vision and disability protection. Your IMS agent can help you whether you need a personal policy or company plan.

In addition to knowing which health insurance carriers best fit your needs, we also work with partner carriers. Whether you want to financially protect your beneficiaries at the time of your death or achieve specific financial goals we can assist you in customizing a plan that is right for you.

Our partner carriers offer a full range of insurance to meet your present and future needs:

  • Personal Life
  • Disability Income
  • Key Employee Plans
  • Group Health
  • Individual Health
  • Education Funding
  • Retirement Funding
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Long-term Care Plan
  • Estate Plans

Here’s the information we will need to give you a quote.

Employee Health Coverage

  • For business, how many employees are included in your plan?
  • What is a brief description of your current plan?
  • Are you interested in Health Savings Accounts?

Individual Health Coverage

  • How is your general health?
  • Do you take any medications?
  • What is the date of birth, current height and weight for all individuals to be covered?

Life Insurance

  • How is your general state of health? Do you take medications?
  • What amount of life insurance coverage do you need?
  • Do you need advice on the type or limit of coverage to purchase?
  • Are you interested in term life or cash value life insurance?

If you need more information about our various carriers and their health and life insurance coverage options, or if you want a quote, call or contact us today. We look forward to providing protection you need for you, your family or business.